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IQ Option Robot

IQBot is an assistant robot that
helps to trade on IQ Option Platform.

You do not pay anything for using the robot.
Сreated by independent developers.

IQBot is an assistant robot that
helps to trade on IQ Option Platform.

You do not pay anything for using the robot.
Сreated by independent developers.

About IQBot

IQBot is a fully automated robot for trading on the IQ Option platform.
The robot is distributed free of charge and can trade on educational and real accounts. It works on Martingale’s trading scheme.

Just download and run the robot, the setup will take no more than 5 minutes.

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This software is not directly related to IQ Option.

free binary option robot for automated trading

Our binary options robot

Trading robot explanation

Earning money through a method is good, but if this method can be automated, it’s even better. Binary options have allowed many people to leave their jobs after realizing that they were earning 5-10 times more using methods to win on options. Today, we have automated these techniques.

Indeed, our software has been developed to trade in place of users. For people with our binary options robot (automated trading software for binary options), it is thus possible to earn a lot of money without even being behind a computer.

What better way to spend your time than by doing things that you like while a piece of software takes care of earning your living?


How does Gold Binary Robot win on binary options?

Four important ideas

A high performance algorithm
This is the first time in history that such a powerful trading software has been made available to individuals. The calculation algorithm required long months of preparation to today reach the #1 position.

No more emotion
Those who already understand the world of trading know that most of the time, losses are due to emotions that come into play. A trading robot has no emotions and applies to the letter the instructions that were given to it. No apprehension error is possible.

Speedy execution
Gold Binary Robot automatically places orders, 80 times faster than a human. Even before the idea has crossed your mind, the binary options robot will already have taken a position.

Ongoing analysis
A trading robot performs ongoing analysis on the different markets, which a human cannot do. Within seconds, Gold Binary Robot is able to take several winning positions.

Gold Binary Robot’s philosophy

Gold Binary Robot was developed by 3 former traders who between them have 60 years of experience in the world of stock market trading.

Many binary option robots can be found on the internet and you need to remember two things about them: either the robot is effective and costs several thousands of euros, or it’s not at all up to standard.

So why is Gold Binary Robot effective AND free?

We have a very specific vision about our mission. We want to provide individuals with an ultra-powerful solution they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. For our work to be accessible to the maximum number of people, we needed to find another way to make a profit from the time spent developing the bot. So we don’t make clients (you) pay, but rather the trading platform! This is why we can give the bot away for free. If you want to find out more about how we make our money, we disclose and explain everything in our binary option robot FAQ.

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